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Our banana sampler includes a rare selection of the finest "hands" of bananas which may include the following varieties:

Baby Bananas, which are snack-sized and have a sweet flavor, with a hint of cinnamon aftertaste.

The creamy, sweet, chunky shaped Burro Bananas with a slight taste of lemon.

The Red Bananas are creamy white to pink fleshed and flavored with a hint of raspberry blended with notes of vanilla.

Manzano Bananas, with their stubby looking fingers, have a sweet taste with flavors of gourmet apples and tonnes of strawberries.

Plantains, known as "cooking bananas" have the best texture and flavor for sauteeing and are popular when served battered and deep fried.

The banana sampler is the best gift for you. Exotic fruit market bring the fresh collection of banana from plantation direct to your table.