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The Burro banana is occasionally sold under the name chunky banana as it is stubbier and more of a square shape than the common banana. Its peel is a rich, vivid, dark green that turns deep yellow with characteristic black spots when ripe.

When young, the flesh of the Burro banana is tart and tangy with notes of apple and lime. As the fruit matures, the yellow flesh is soft on the outside with a slightly crisp textured center. A ripe Burro banana's flavor is creamy sweet with lemon undertones.

Burro bananas are high in iron content and therefore aid in treating anemia because iron is an essential part of red blood cells, which is why anemia occurs, low blood cell count is due to lack of iron.

Burro bananas help in providing relief from painful and excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle as well as other menstrual disorders, according to sources.

Burro bananas is great for healthy bones. One of the best reasons for this is because burro bananas are linked to increased absorption of calcium. Calcium is the most important element in the production and regrowth of bone matter in the body.

Burro bananas contain significant amounts of dietary fiber and therefore help in smooth bowel movements. Burro bananas are said to push out stubborn stools and relieve a person from constipation. Traditionally, burro bananas have been used as an antacid food to soothe upset stomachs. The fruit suppresses acid secretion. The organic compounds in burro bananas stimulate the activity of the cells in our stomach lining to build up a protective barrier against acids.

Burro bananas have been linked to reducing the danger towards the kidneys from many different conditions. The potassium in the fruit ease the strain on the kidneys and encouraging urination. This can help to keep toxins from accumulating in the kidney.

Burro bananas are packed with antioxidant compounds and a mix of essential minerals that can seriously boost the health of your eyes. In studies, cataracts, macular degeneration, night blindness, and glaucoma have all been shown to decrease with normal intake of burro bananas.

Burro bananas are a rich source of potassium, so they reduce blood pressure, by relaxing the tension of arteries and veins and oxygenate the various organs of the body. This can help eliminate stress on the cardiovascular system.

Burro bananas contain several compounds that are anti-inflammatory in nature, meaning that they can reduce swelling, inflammation, and irritation from various conditions like arthritis and gout.

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