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Exotic fruit market Guavas are grown in California and hand selected for their excellent quality. This round to oval shaped subtropical Guava fruit is actually classified as a berry. The edible skin is light to strong green or yellow in color and the flesh can be creamy white, pink or red depending on the variety of Guava.

Exotic fruit market Guavas are harvested when just ripe. Exotic fruit market Guavas have a refreshing, mildly sweet, fruity and tart flavor. Exotic fruit market Guavas are ripe when soft and creamy in texture. They have an edible rind and small seeds which are also edible. No one can resist their rare and irresistible scent, with its delicate floral aroma. One bite will transport you to the tropics!

Exotic fruit market Guavas are known as "Super Fruits", being rich in vitamins A and C, Omega 3 and Omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and especially high levels of dietary fiber.

Exotic fruit market Guavas contain both carotenoids and polyphenols – the major classes of antioxidant pigments, giving them relatively high dietary antioxidant value among plant foods.

A single Apple Guava (P. guajava) fruit contains over four times the amount of vitamin C as a single orange (over 200 mg per 100 g serving) and also has good levels of the dietary minerals, potassium, magnesium, and generally a broad, low-calorie profile of essential nutrients. Wash and cut lengthwise into 6 to 10 even slices. The skin and seeds are edible.

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Guava Guava

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