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Bergamot is a small citrus fruit, which grows primarily in Southern Italy around Reggio Calabria. While the fruit from this cross of a Seville orange and Pear lemon is sour and not edible, the oil from the peel is used in Earl Grey tea. Bergamot oil is also used in perfumery, candymaking and aromatherapy. The Bergamot orange is unrelated to the herb of the same name.
Bergamot Orange is now grown in California. A bitter orange variety that is small, slightly pearshaped and has a bitter and acidic flesh. The Bergamot has a high content of juice and contains a lot of seeds. Bergamot oranges have a fairly smooth, thin skin that ranges in color from green to yellow, depending on its ripeness. It is mostly used for its essential oils, which provide a strong scent for perfumes and cosmetics, and flavoring for liqueurs. The peel is dried and used as flavoring in teas, such as Earl Grey tea. Its scent is used in aromatherapy and is said to help with depression.
ber·ga·mot (bûr'gə-mŏt')
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