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Exotic Fruit Market bring the juiciest and flavorful Organic Keitt Mangoes from California. Our Hand selected Keitt Mangoes from California are a large-sized mango. California Keitt mangoes are super juicy and sweet with almost no stringy fibers and a small pit which means more fruit to eat.

Our Mango experts share their passion and knowledge to select and pack Six Keitt Mangoes in your box.Our Keitt Mangos from California are packed to order the day we ship.
Keitt mangoes are oblong in shape with a pale to a dark green skin, though they occasionally have a yellow blush. The color can be misleading, and the only real way to determine whether these large mangoes are ripe is by touch. The skin should give slightly to the touch, and even then the mangoes could rest for a few more days

Keitt mangoes are fiber-free with a thin seed, allowing for a greater amount of smooth-textured, orange-yellow flesh. Keitt mangoes have a tangy sweet flavor with a hint of honey.
Send the best premium mouth watering Keitt Mangos from California as a gift and your generosity and thoughtfulness will be remembered throughout the year.

Keitt mangoes are available for a short time during the late summer and early fall.

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Keitt Mango Keitt Mango
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