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Okinawan Sweet potato also known as Hawaiian Sweet Potato and Uala, the Okinawan Sweet Potato is tubular in shape. It has a buff colored skin with earthy spots and its flesh is violet-purple. The Okinawan purple sweet potato has a delicate, slightly sweet taste and a creamy texture and can be used like other sweet potatoes
Enjoy these potatoes baked, roasted, boiled, steamed, candied, scalloped, or mashed. Add a little applesauce, plus a dash of nutmeg, cinnamon and grated orange rind to the mashed sweet potatoes to enhance this versatile vegetable's excellent flavor. Perfect for pies, cakes, and bread.
Okinawa Sweet Potatoes keep well in ventilated areas, preferably a basket. Do not refrigerate. Use within a few days for optimum quality.
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