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Exotic Fruit Market grows Finger Lime aka Citrus Caviar at our farm in the State of California. Finger lime or citrus caviar is a citrus fruit that yields tiny pearls of juice. Their aromatic skin appears in a triad of colors and the flesh holds caviar-shaped vesicles that pop crisply in your mouth with an assertively tart punch. The flavor is a lemon-lime combination with herbaceous undertones. Fruit pulp color intensifies during the last phase of fruit maturity. This small filled caviar egg is poised to become the next big source of inspiration for chefs and retailers in North America. The pulp or citrus caviar is a tart burst that tastes like a cross between a lemon and lime and has been used with seafood like lobster medallions, as a caviar garnish for sushi, on grilled salmon, raw oysters, salads, cocktails, macarons, ice-creams and more.

A fruit that spans the length of a pinkie finger and looks deceptively like a jalapeno pepper could appear on menus and dishes soon. Native to Australia, the finger lime comes in shades of red, pink, yellow and green and is currently grown by only a few farmers in the US, like our Exotic Fruit Market farm in California

Though new to North America, they were first discovered in the Australian bush by aboriginals and domesticated 30 years ago.

There's no texture quite like the exploding pop rock texture of the finger lime. It provides diners with a random explosion of citrus flavor in their mouth as opposed to a classic drenching of citrus juice.

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